Heart Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

If you have heart disease or at risk of heart disease the research is very compelling in taking an Omega 3 supplement. Yes you can get Omega 3s from diet but it is not enough. You would have to have quite substantial amounts of nuts and fish daily to get the amount of of Omega 3s to benefit your heart health. Two omega-3 fatty acids that have been associated with heart health benefits, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), are found in fish oils. The best source for DHA and EPA are fatty coldwater fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon and tuna. Fish oil supplements  also can provide omega-3 fatty acids.

There are a lot of supplements to help with your heart health and many types of omega 3s. Be sure that the omega 3s are just that Omega 3s. There are Omega 3-6-9 supplements but we feel you can get enough OMega 6s and 9s in your diet and no need to supplement those. It is the Omega 3s that you want for heart health at most. Be sure that most of the omega 3s consist mostly of DHA and EPA.
The benefits of Omega 3s on your heart health can help your blood pressure, and your cholesterol profile which includes your LDL and triglycerides. 

Be sure to supplement with Omega 3s in your diet too. It is just that it is hard to get enough from diet alone, especially if you are having large amounts of fish. You then have to worry about mercury content.

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Cardiac Yoga for Heart Disease and Atrial Fibrillation

We know the benefits of cardiac yoga for heart disease and is starting to become complelling to reverse and help with heart disease.

In an article in this weeks newspaper Yoga Helps Irregular Heart Beats:

Yoga, already proven to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, can cut in half the risk of a common and potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat, according to a U.S. study released on the weekend.

The small study was the first to examine the benefits of yoga on atrial fibrillation -a problem that is a leading cause of stroke and is most common in the elderly.

In addition to halving the episodes of atrial fibrillation, the study found that yoga also reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression related to the condition.

“These findings are important because many of the current conventional treatment strategies for atrial fibrillation include invasive procedures or medications with undesirable side-effects,” said Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, an associate professor with the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, who led the study.

He presented his findings at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology being held in New Orleans.

The study involved 49 patients with the heart rhythm disorder who had no physical limitations and no prior experience with yoga.

Their episodes of irregular heartbeat were measured for a six-month period by researchers at the hospital.

On average, yoga cut episodes of the irregular heartbeat in half, while also significantly reducing depression and anxiety scores and improving scores in physical functioning, general health, vitality, social functioning and mental health, the researchers found.

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Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary vs Heart Fit Clinic

Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary vs Heart Fit Clinic

Many times we get the question – which program is better?
They are both respectable programs if you are recovering from a heart event.
In an ideal world,you would do both and they would be neighbours. It is so important that if you have had a heart attack that you start a cardiac rehabilitation program as soon as you can and because the Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary is co-funded they offer group programs.
You can start immediately upon discharge from the hospital with Heart Fit Clinic’s online cardiac rehabilitation programs.
Both programs are physician recommended it just depends on what type of program you wish to do. The Cardiac Wellness Program is a group format where as the Heart Fit Clinic programs are one-on-one.

It is your heart and you should get started as soon as you can. The Heart Fit Clinic is a cardiac rehabilitation program (post heart event), cardiac maintenance program (anytime after cardiac rehabilitation for ongoing support), and heart attack prevention (anyone with risk factors or concerned about their heart health).


Are you looking for a Personal Fitness Trainer in Calgary

If you are looking for a personal fitness trainer in Calgary. It is so important to start with your heart and ensure that your Heart is Fit.
Heart disease is the number one cause of death of men and women and it is also the number one preventable disease.
Take control of your heart health with a personal fitness trainer in Calgary.

Co Enzyme Q10 and statins (cholesterol medications)

Well over 60% of the people who come to our clinic are on cholesterol lowering medications such as statins. The only reason it is not more is because we do see a lot of heart prevention patients.
When taking medications it is important to understand the medication and their risks, their benefits and interactions.

Please note that this our view and that we have taken research from both sides. I definitely understand the benefits of statin therapy especially in reducing inflammatory markers such as C reactive protein. However, I do believe they can be over prescribed as lifestyle therapy can have superior benefits.

According to the mayo clinic, prescribing statin drugs with Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is not universally recommended. I think the operative word is universally. Being immersed in this field for a long time I understand that cardiologists have different views.

Lets quickly discuss what is Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10). It is a natural occuring in the body. You require Co Enzyme Q10 in your body for essential muscle metabolism. The concern is that statins share a pathway for metabolism of co Enzyme Q10. This results in decreased Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) in your body. So it would make absolute sense that if you are taking a statin to counter the effects of statin drugs that you should take a supplement Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10).

Now the medical community has mixed views on this. I know that many of our patients have been told to take Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) from their cardiologists where as other doctors are waiting for compelling research in their medical journals. From an unbiased view, financially and from a business perspective it does not make sense to fund a large trial proving that all statins need to be supplemented with a natural occuring vitamin like substance like Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10).

So please find this article about research not supporting it medically at science based pharmacy. http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/coenzyme-q10-000295.html
and then take a look at this article
from the University of Maryland http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/coenzyme-q10-000295.html.

Come up with your own opinion. After all it is your health and personally from the research it makes sense that people should supplement with Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) especially if you are taking a statin or cholesterol lowering drug. If your metabolic pathway for developing Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) in your body is blocked by taking a statin. Then it makes sense to then replenish those sources of Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10).

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