The Heart Fit Clinic is the leading cardiac rehabilitation, maintenance and heart attack and stroke prevention private healthcare clinic

The Heart Fit Clinic was founded in 2003 and it our passion is to be the best cardiac rehabilitation, maintenance and heart attack and stroke prevention clinic worldwide . It is our passion in helping people become aware of their risk and provide lifestyle modification strategies to reverse and prevent heart disease and stroke.

The Heart Fit Clinic has the leading heart experts at reversing and preventing heart disease with unparalleled experience in cardiac care. Our heart specialists are certified by the most recognised and reputable organizations within our respective disciplines and use the most advanced and evidence based practice. Our staff work with your overall healthcare team and family physicians to ensure optimal cardiac care.


Our Staff Include:

  • Cardiac Nurses
  • Cardiac Exercise Physiologists
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Cardiac Yoga experts
  • Stress management and meditation experts
  • Other contract staff: Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists
  • Referrals to cardiologist

We have the most accurate screening tests to detect your risk of a heart attack or stroke (carotid IMT) and more importantly have the tools to help you be SUCCESSFUL at reversing the disease process. There are hundreds of successful cases where the Heart Fit Clinic has been an integral part of changing lives of people with diagnosed heart disease or those at risk of developing heart disease.

The Heart Fit Clinic has been featured extensively in the media as an established and elite cardiac care clinic.

It is so important to take control of your heart health and not leave it in the hands of other people. You are 100% responsible for your own health, NOT your doctors, NOT your healthcare team, it is YOU. Once you realise that, if you wish to be healthy find your definition of healthy and the Heart Fit Clinic will help you achieve your dreams of heart health.

How much are our services?

Please see our fees and schedules cardiac rehabilitation investment.

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Live happier, healthier … longer.

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