Are you having a Heart Attack?

Are You Having a Heart Attack?

What is your risk? How do you know if you are having a heart attack? Well the best way to know is to get yourself to emergency. There are 2 tests that they will do to determine if you are having a heart attack.
1. Electrocardiogram(ECG): to determine if there are what we call ST changes.
2. Blood test: to see if your cardiac enzymes are high.

You can have a negative ECG, meaning no ST changes and still be having a heart attack. That is why they do blood tests to determine risk of heart disease.

Even if this is all negative. Something brought you into the hospital. This is where it is important to do some further investigations. You can have chest pains (angina) and have negative tests in the hospital. This is so important to now start a lifestyle modification program and get further screening. A carotid IMT screening may be a great test to see the age of your arteries. Then implementing our suggestions you will reverse heart disease.

Do not neglect your health. You have only one heart. Love it and take care of it.

To your success,

Diamond Fernandes

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