Can Calcium Supplements cause Heart Attacks

Can Calcium Supplements cause Heart Attacks?


Calcium supplements are often taken to strengthen bones especially in the case of osteoporosis. However these calcium supplements should be taken with caution.


The fact of the matter is that calcium supplements should be taken with caution due to the latest research out of Germany. If you are taking calcium supplements you may wish to start to get your calcium from dietary sources versus taking supplements. The advice now given is that if you are deficient in calcium and you are not able to get enough calcium from food sources you want to start off with a maximum of 500mg.


So why do we need to be cautious with Calcium Supplements?
The researchers in Germany looked at the association between calcium intake and incidents of heart attack, strokes and deaths from cardiovascular disease over a period of 11 years. The researchers used data from 23,980 people, aged 35 to 64 years old.


This was a large prospective cohort study following more than 23,000 German adults over 11 years showed that those regularly taking only calcium supplements were at a higher risk of heart attack compared with those not taking supplements.


Now the key to this is that this study does not prove calcium supplements cause heart attacks but it does show an association. That is why it should be taken with caution. Subjects could be older, smoking, not eating well, or not exercising.  However, in saying that usually when people are taking supplements they want to be healthier, therefore more likely to be leading a heart healthy lifestyle of daily activity and great nutrition.


In saying that last comment, many times I know that when people are doing healthy choices we psychologically say it is ok to make poor ones. Perfect example, is that I have patients who can’t break the smoking habit yet, however are exercising regularly and eating well. Or patients who exercise daily therefore eat poorly. The point is the key to living long is to be healthy most of the time.


There is no such thing as diets in my head. Those are short term projects. Do your best to lead a healthy lifestyle with being active, choosing healthy foods, and keeping good stress management practices and you will be a success at preventing and reversing heart disease.


Once again this study does not prove it. So therefore, it always best to get your required daily intake of calcium from natural whole foods.  More research is coming and I will keep you up today.


As always, we are here to help you be a success at preventing and reversing heart disease. As we know at times, doctors lack the time and attention, and we are here to answer your questions regarding your heart health.



To your heart health success,


Diamond Fernandes



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