Can you Reverse Heart Disease After a Heart Attack?

Can you really reverse heart disease after a heart attack?

Did you know that you can reverse heart disease by changing your behaviour? It does take a lot of work but the benefits will be keeping you live healthier and longer. You can get back to the things you love to do. More importantly, you will avoid the all allusive heart attack. Having a heart attack is scary and unfortunately, many times people’s first symptom of a heart attack is death.

Yes, we all know kind of what to do to avoid heart disease. In order to reverse heart disease, it takes a conscious effort of instilling unconscious behaviours. This includes getting your essential physical activity, eating fresh heart healthy foods, and keeping your stress managed through meditation and or yoga. But is this enough?

Many times we hear of healthy people getting heart disease. How can they reverse heart disease? Heart disease is an inflammatory disease and once you are able to control the inflammation and truly understand what is causing that inflammation you can reverse heart disease.

=>The first step to reverse heart disease is to first have the desire and hope to reverse heart disease. It is not all doom and gloom, especially after a heart attack. If you are the right side of the grass you are able to do something. Once you realise that there is hope, there is an answer. Setting the right mindset to reverse heart disease is just like exercising. You have to make a habit of being positive. This right mindset will give you the ability to set goals and more importantly achieve them.

=> Keeping active is important to reverse heart disease. Exercise is your medicine. Anyone can exercise no matter what their situation is. If you have muscle or joint limitations you can exercise with no impact like swimming or biking. If you have limited ability you can start off with something. Everyone can start somewhere and progress from there to reverse heart disease.

=> As important as it is to keep your heart beating, it is important to keep your heart restful. Setting some quite time where you let your body feel the heart beating. This can be done through breath awareness, relaxation sessions or even meditation. And your sleep is important too:

Many physicians unfortunately may lack the confidence in you to reverse heart disease. They will prescribe medications in lieu of prescribing a lifestyle change. It is hard work and they know it so it is easier to prescribe and have you swallow a pill. Medications will not reverse heart disease, getting your heart healthy will.

The Heart Fit Clinic is always here to help you reverse heart disease. You may have had a heart attack or stroke or on the path of one. We are your solution with proven successful strategies in order for you to be a success at reversing heart disease. Start off with our world renowned coaching program and join our family of success.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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