Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2011

Canadian Cardiovascular Congress

Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation

I attended the CACR and Canadian Cardiovascular Congress this past week. Some interesting topics on atrial fibrillation and acute care and views on interventional cardiology.

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1. Chantal Smyth inspiring story with her battle with heart disease.

2. Dr. Clyde Yancy Canadian Cardiovascular Congress opening ceremonies keynote.

3. CT Angiongram vs Coventional coronary Angiogram

4. Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary early access clinic.

5. HDL lowering drugs

6. Heart healthy diet

7. Skipping breakfast not good for your heart

8. Stress and heart disease

9. AICD shocking normal heart rhythms

Yes there is a lot of information. Take your time to go through material that interests you.

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Diamond Fernandes

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