Cardiac Maintenance program

Have you had a past cardiac episode and are wanting to get back into an exercise program? Do you still know and understand what is safe for you?

Have you been neglecting your risk factors and require a little boost from some heart experts?


Immediately or long after your cardiac rehabilitation program is complete, join our cardiac maintenance program and continue to work toward your lifestyle goals. We understand that leading a heart-healthy lifestyle may require more time. The Heart Fit Clinic gives you the attention you need to focus on your goals.

We offer clinically supervised exercise sessions where we can focus on your risk factors requiring further attention. Your fitness goals may change and you can reach them with the Heart Fit Clinic in a safe and effective manner. Our supervised exercise programs include aerobic, strength, core and flexibility training.


Individual – one on one programs with a cardiac rehabilitation healthcare professional.

Spousal programs – there is nothing better than having your spouse involved as you set out on a healthier lifestyle.

Flexible Scheduling – We offer flexible scheduling Mon to Fri 7am to 7pm with Saturday options.

Your program will be monitored by an elite cardiac physiologist and they will ensure that your physical goals are met to reduce your risk of another cardiac event such as a heart attack.

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