Cardiac Rehabilitation saves lives!

Sticking with your cardiac rehabilitation program will save lives. Thye Mayo Clinic wrote an article a couple of days ago regarding the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation especially after a stent. Basically, you will live longer following your cardiac rehabilitation program.

The problem stated that nationwide only 50% of the people get referred to cardiac rehabilitation. Half of those attend the program and half of those actually complete the program. So that is 12.5% of the people who have heart disease actually benefit by going through the program.
In another study, then that would say that 1 in every 3 people actually are continuing with the program a year later so now that number is about 4%. WOW. Only 4 % of those people will actually benefit from a changed life.

Cardiac rehabilitation is so important and will save your life. Many people dont have time for cardiac rehabilitation. They are busy running a company or working. Some people live to far and cant get access to cardiac rehabilitation.

That is why the Heart Fit Clinc has developed its online and DVD cardiac rehabilitation program to help everyone live happier, healthier and longer.
I say it all the time. You are 100% responsible for your heart health. You cannot leave your health in the hands of someone else. Take control and start with your heart.

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