Cardiac Wellness Early Access Clinic

Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary Early Access Clinic

Heart disease affects many people in the Calgary area. Many people after experiencing an ST elevation Myocardial Infarction are now streamed right into Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary. They did a good job presenting their findings at this years CCC (Canadian Cardiovascular Congress) 2011 at the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation.
Yes it is important to get quick access to cardiac rehabilitation after a heart event. We are also at a point where cardiac rehabilitation is to be best received from the interventional cardiologists. Yet timing of delivery is difficult.
The one thing I found is that there is a difference with cardiac rehabilitation programs here in Calgary. Having worked at both for almost equal times now (5+ years) it is all about patient outcomes. Where will the patient respond best to. Patients now can have a heart attack, have a stent put in and be out of the hospital in a few days vs weeks.  Patients get back to work , back to their daily grind without even skipping a beat at times. Cardiac rehabilitation is important and sometimes going to a group program may meet their requirement or may not meet their requirements. There are other options such as the Heart Fit Clinic.

Either way it is important to get quick access and decide for yourself where you will get the attention you deserve and your goals achieved.

To your success

Diamond Fernandes

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