Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary

The Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary (CWIC) is a private clinic owned by cardiology consultants. They receive a government (public) grant supplemented with patient fees ($300) to run the program. The Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary (CWIC) is a mulch-disciplinary run clinic.

The Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary receives referrals from surrounding hospitals and clinics to see patients with heart problems. The goal of any cardiac rehabilitation program is to educate patients to return to or adopt a heart healthy lifestyle.


The Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary is not the only cardiac rehabilitation program in Calgary. The Heart Fit Clinic is available as another option to help people live happier, healthier and longer. Because there is no government grant like the Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary , the Heart Fit Clinic is able to give personal attention you deserve especially recovering from a heart problem in a timely manner. It becomes very simple. If you prefer group programs and line ups then choose the government program. If you prefer personal attention and access to the best quality and service where it is all about you, then choose the privatized Heart Fit Clinic.


The Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary has a processes to get into their exercise program. Also, their exercise program is run as a group format. A doctor is on site but he is not supervising the exercise program as it is not cost effective. Doctors are kept in clinic seeing patients. In the event there is a medical emergency it is handled well with the other staff until a doctor is able to be on scene.


Many patients will do both programs but many end up preferring to do their exercise program with the Heart Fit Clinic. The Heart Fit Clinic has flexible scheduling options and programs to help everyone.
You may receive a direct referral after hospitalization to go to the Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary . Their main focus is on patients with heart problems. Heart Fit Clinic offers a proactive approach to heart disease where this is not the focus at the Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary.


If you have had a recent heart attack please make sure you take charge of your heart health as soon as you can.


In a report published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, researchers say quick access to cardiac rehabilitation can reduce the likelihood of patients having another heart attack—and reduce their risk of dying by up to 30 percent. Moreover, patients who make appropriate lifestyle changes can actually slow or halt their heart disease process. Heart attack patients are at risk of more problems if they don’t begin a cardiac rehabilitation program within 30 days after their heart attack, shows a nation-wide study led by Edmonton’s Capital Health’s cardiac specialists.


In this national study led by Dr. William Dafoe and Dr. Helen Stokes, Capital Health’s Regional Program Manager of Cardiac Rehabilitation and other national colleagues, 4,000 heart attack patient cases were reviewed. Average waiting times for cardiac rehabilitation were compared in centres across Canada to determine acceptable waiting times. The report recommends that patients begin rehabilitation with 30 days of their cardiac event. Those recommendations will become part of a national program to establish optimal waiting times for cardiac rehabilitation services. Here in Alberta, the recommendations will also be examined as part of provincial planning to improve access to all aspects of the heart patient’s journey.



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