Cardiac Yoga for Heart Disease Prevention

Research has shown that cardiac yoga can reverse and prevent heart disease. Being healthy it is important to also focus on your mind along with increasing range of motion through cardiac yoga. Cardiac yoga will help you keep focused and develop a positive mindset along with aiding in helping you sleep well.


Cardiac yoga is a modified version of traditional yoga practice. The movements and practice are designed to be safe for heart patients or people who are at risk for heart disease. After a heart attack or if you are at risk of a heart attack cardiac yoga can help patients feel relaxed and develop a positive mindset about life with heart disease. We have seen this many times in order to be successful with heart disease it involves focusing on a positive mindset.

Cardiac yoga and meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure and control their heart rates. If you have heart disease or you are at risk then yoga will compliment very well with your exercise rehabilitation program along with your heart healthy nutrition program.

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