How do We Differ Than Your Family Doctor or Cardiologist

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It is our goal to ensure you reach your heart health goals. We have the best programs and services available for everyone so you can take control of your heart health.

What is the difference between the Heart Fit Clinic and my family doctor/cardiologist?

The Heart Fit Clinic work in conjunction with your family doctor to provide the best for your heart health. Family doctors realize that they do not have the time resource to address all your risk factors to heart disease and go over in detail all the lifestyle modification strategies to reduce or reverse your risk of heart disease. We make Family Doctors and cardiologist look good that is why they refer to our program as they understand the benefits of our services, giving you timely access to heart health specialists. If you are without symptoms for heart disease then they may be hesitant at referring you for further investigation for heart disease due to overloading the system, that is where the Heart Fit Clinic fills the gap.

Family physicians can only look at some conventional risk factors, but over 50% of heart attacks and strokes occur with people with normal cholesterol. You can still be on the path of a heart attack or stroke with a clean bill of health from your family doctor.

The majority of heart attacks and strokes occur with blockages that are less than 70%, therefore, you can even see a cardiologist and be given a clean bill of health with an exercise stress test (which has been done for over 50 years) only shows advanced stages of the disease (70% or more blockages). Further cardiac investigations can become harmful with radiation and radioactive dyes, therefore the Heart Fit Clinic is a great stepping stone to determine your cardiovascular risk with safe, and non-invasive screenings.

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You may have a clean bill of health or not, but if you are concerned about your heart health then the Heart Fit Clinic is your best option. Yes you can take advantage of our online programs or you can contact us today.

Many of our assessment services unfortunately will not be found at your doctors office. That is why we get referrals to our practices. Remember you are 100% responsible for your heart health. We look forward to helping you with your heart health. We can assess your cardiovascular risk and more importantly have the best services to reverse heart disease. Don’t take our word for it. See our patient testimonials and in the media.


What is the difference between the Total Cardiology rehab (Cardiac Wellness Institute) and the Heart Fit Clinic?

Both clinics are private clinics and offer reputable cardiac rehabilitation programs. Total Cardiology is a co-funded program ($500 cost), meaning that they receive funds from the government to conduct their program. This structure forces them to see many people a year with group exercise classes with reduced individual attention. The exercise classes are limited scheduling twice weekly. To qualify for this program you must have diagnosed heart disease, and the program cannot be repeated without evidence of another cardiovascular event (i.e. heart attack).

The Heart Fit Clinic is not funded, allowing us to give the individual attention people deserve and assist them to reach their cardiovascular goals. The Heart Fit Clinic offers flexible scheduling from 7am to 7pm and is open Monday to Saturday. In addition to our cardiac rehabilitation and maintenance programs, the Heart Fit Clinic has a unique and highly regarded cardiac prevention program. We also offer individual guidance regarding supplements, medications and conventional and traditional therapies. Combining the best of traditional and conventional cardiology so you can live longer. Please refer to our patient testimonials.

Why The Heart Fit Clinic?

The Heart Fit Clinic was founded based on the principle of “how would I want to be treated”. With the experience, expertise and academic excellence of the Heart Fit Clinic team, it is our passion to help the people achieve their heart health goals with an individualized and professional approach.

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