Chantal Smyth Heart Story

Chantal Smyth Story at Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver

Heart disease does not discriminate and it is so important to understand that life is precious and you should cease the opportunity to live a heart health life. However, in the case of Chantal Smyth there was a congenital disorder that she did not know about until she was late in pregnancy. I want to say that this story touched us all at the CCC 2011 and she gave the leaders in research an extra incentive to innovate our field of cardiology. It was a sad story being admitted to the hospital late in her pregnancy as she found out she was having cardiovascular complications. She was put under had a c section and heart surgery all within days. The doctors saved her life, providing her with hope. However, her daughter had a brief life here. Having a child is a miracle and I am grateful  every day. I cannot imagine what Chantal Smyth went through. She had an immense amount of strength and support from her husband, family and friends to persevere. Perseverance is a vital quality for success in anything that you do.
Her story provides inspiration and hope for the field of cardiovascular sciences. I would like to personally thank Chantal for her courage and perseverance to overcome heart disease.

Diamond Fernandes

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