Chocolate for your Heart?

Chocolate for your Heart Health?

Yes I know we hear lots that chocolate is healthy for your heart. This is not to say that I would recommend you go to your local corner store and start to load up on chocolate. The same thing goes for drinking. It is the dark chocolate, enriched with flavanoids, where studies have been showing the beneficial effects. The chocolate that you buy can be full of fat and calories that do not contact the high level of polyphenols. I think you will start to see chocolate companies marketing ” I am good for your heart” , do take a look at this. You can get polyphenols and flavanoids from lots of food sources and chocolate may not be your best choice. I don’t think a chocolate bar a day is going to be your answer, but do know that small amounts (dark chocolate) can be getting some heart health benefits. The studies that have been done on chocolate is in its purest form, not the ones we buy at the corner store. Always look at the fat ingredients and the calories.  However with that said. I do have a sweet tooth and sometimes it is important to get your fix in small amounts.

I personally have a hershey size kiss once in a while.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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