Corporate Cardiac Executive Assessments

If you are concerned about ensuring your employees are heart healthy then our cardiac executive assessments will let you know and give your employees peace of mind. We can detect heart disease early before it manifests itself as a life threatening disease. Why know?

  • 50% of heart attacks occur without any prior symptoms.
  • Ignorance is NOT bliss
  • Heart Disease and Stroke have no favourites. We have seen people who are extremely fit or fit looking with heart disease.


You have a choice of doing our complete assessments that include:

  • Carotid IMT screening
  • Endothelial Function Assessment
  • Particle Size Cholesterol Testing
  • Lipoprotein (a), Insulin, Homocysteine, apolipoprotein B, High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein
  • Instant blood work analysis
    • Cholesterol Profile
    • Blood sugar
  • Clinical Fitness Assessments (ECG, Blood pressure, Oxygen and heart rate monitoring)
  • Cardiac Risk Factor assessment
  • Lifestyle modification consultation
    • Exercise consultation
    • Stress Management and goal setting consultation
    • Nutrition review
  • Cardiac rehabilitation and heart attack and stroke prevention programs
  • Cardiology services (Outside Heart Fit Clinic) for high risk patients (only will show positive with advanced stages of disease)
    • Cardiology consult
    • Cardiology supervised exercise ECG stress test
    • Echocardiogram
    • ECG
    • Holter monitors

Your executive cardiac assessments are personalized, comprehensive and detailed.


Our fees can be covered by extended health care services and are tax deductible. Please contact us (403-870-4348/ CLICK HERE for your quote with your company.

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