Corporate Wellness Health Services
(in Calgary)

Are you are a corporation looking for executive health assessments? Start with your heart. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death and hospitalization of your employees. Yet it is also the #1 preventable disease.

The cost of a heart attack to an organization is $15,700/yr.
The cost of a stroke to an organization is $45,000/yr.
The cost of a healthy person with diabetes is $3,500/yr.

The Heart Fit Clinic is the leading cardiac rehabilitation,
maintenance and heart attack and stroke prevention clinic.
Our executive assessments with our clinic take place with
all the heart experts including a clinical cardiologist,
cardiac nurses, cardiac physiologists, registered dietitians
and much more. More importantly we will provide you with
our heart expertise to ensure you can reduce or even reverse
your risk of heart disease. We have the leading experts in
cardiac care and have helped hundreds of employees understand their risk of heart disease and stroke and then successfully reverse their risk.

Why is Corporate Heart Assessments Important?

If you want to have your employees take control of your heart health then the Heart Fit Clinic is your leading provider. Choosing the right and best corporate health programs is important and to avoid your risk of a heart attack or stroke the Heart Fit Clinic has the best Heart experts.

Our Programs Include:

Cardiac Executive Assessments
On-site Corporate Cardiac Assessments
Lunch and Learn Seminars
Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Programs

  • Your Employees are the heart of your organization.
  • Help your employees live happier, healthier lives.
  • Save hundreds of dollars per employee and hundreds of hours of lost productivity.
  • Reduce absenteeism, retain your employees.
  • Increase productivity and reduce health benefit costs
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