The Heart Fit Clinic Family offers you cardiac rehabilitation and heart attack and stroke prevention services to help you excel with your heart health. Your heart is important and you want to ensure it is in good hands. We are your trusted source to help you prevent and reverse heart disease and have been featured extensively in the media.


  • Get Timely access
  • Receive expert cardiac advice
  • Early heart disease detection
  • Integrative elite cardiac care


We can help you if you are on the other side of the world or near one of our clinics. You do not require a doctor’s referral to get started. You can start with:


  • FREE heart health resources
  • Booking your cardiac assessment/program OR
  • Your World renowned heart health resources


Come and see how we have helped thousands of people like you.

Thank you for sharing our love for your heart.

With best wishes,

Diamond Fernandes and the Heart Fit Family

  • Fewer hospital visits
  • Live longer
  • Receive Expert Cardiac Advise
  • Integrative Elite Cardiac Care
  • Less heart procedures
  • Get Timely Access
  • Early Heart Disease Detection
  • Reverse Heart Disease


Top 10 Reasons Why Heart Fit Clinic


“Thank you so much for helping through this difficult time. Heart disease is a frightening thing and being a part of this program has been my saving grace!”
-Delores Davidson


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