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Exercise for Heart Health. Exercise Beats Drugs in Lowering Death Rates.


Exercise for heart health has been well documented in terms of its health benefits. That is why cardiac rehabilitation programs have a strong exercise component to it.


I came across this study in the British Medical Journal and it compared the effectiveness of exercise for heart health and drug interventions on death rates. You rarely hear about this, most likely because the pharmaceutical companies have their hands deep in research. The last thing you want to do is show that there is a better treatment option versus their drugs.


Now this may sound that I personally am against drugs. I think there is a place for pharmaceuticals especially early on in the disease process. But, do we need to continue the course of prescribed medical therapy treatment when there is a better alternative?


Finally can we say exercise for heart health is one of the best prescription drugs out there? We have known this for years, the benefits of exercise heart health is amazing. And now according to this research, exercise for heart health may be just as effective as many drugs in lowering the risk of death in people with heart disease.


The drugs that were compared were the use of statins, beta blockers, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and anti-platelet. Exercise for heart health produced similar results versus the drugs aforementioned. The one drug that did find to have more effectiveness versus exercise was diuretics in the case of patients with heart failure. Everything else, stroke patients, heart disease patients, exercise for heart health was found to be just as effective. The problem with the research (meta-analysis) was that there were fewer trials where it evaluated exercise than drugs and of course fewer people participated in the exercise trials.


Like I said, and as the research states there is just not much literature on exercise for heart health versus drugs and really if you think about it who is going to fund such a study. There is a reason why less than a quarter of patients after a heart event continue with an exercise for heart health program.


We all kind of know what to do in terms of eating and exercise, the problem that we are all inherently lazy. The difference what separates the successful (those living with heart disease) from the unsuccessful (early death) is our daily disciplines.  Have you seen pictures of Larry Bird or Michael Jordan?  They have stopped their daily disciplines and look at them now. Once you have exercise for heart health set as a habit like brushing your teeth or having your morning cup of Jo, that is where you start to see the heart health success you desire.


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