FAQ for Cardiac Assessments:


What is carotid IMT?

Carotid Intima Media Thickness (IMT) is the most accurate screening test to detect your risk of a heart attack or stroke. With our latest screening technology we are able to detect the age of your arteries.

With carotid intima media thickness (IMT) we measure the thickness of the first two layers of the carotid artery, located in your neck, the very site where blood flow -blocking plaque first develop. This is the very site is where atherosclerosis starts to begin in your body. It gives us a window of what is going on inside your heart. Carotid IMT measurements can detect the minute, subtle thickness changes in the layers of your arterial wall lining and accurately assesses your age of your arteries. How old is your heart? It can be older than you are and now becomes important to aggressively control your risk.

It is a safe, painless, accurate, and non-invasive screening that is free of radiation.


What if I don’t want to know my risk?

Ignorance is not bliss. If you are heading for a heart attack or stroke you can stop it, but you have to know your risk. If we told you that the highway had a big accident and this was your route home, you would take another path. Well understanding your cardiovascular risk allows you and your healthcare team to take another path to avoid a heart attack or stroke.

We absolutely love this quote from Doctor Oz about getting your heart screened:
” It’s about the people we love in our lives, the people who care about us, the people who depend on us at home and work and elsewhere. So, if you look at it in that context and go ahead with those screening tests, its worth the investment even if it disrupts the fantasy that you control your own destiny.”

We will provide you with peace of mind.


What if I have had an ECG or Stress Test?


If you have seen a cardiologist you may have had a stress test, echocardiogram or ECG. These are great tests to detect advanced stages of heart disease. Many people will be given a clean bill of health yet they are still at risk. Getting a carotid IMT will allow the patient to know sub-clinical changes. This means that we can see the risk of atherosclerosis (plaque build up). The carotid arteries are the very site where atherosclerosis begins and gives us a window of what is going on inside the heart.


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