Fitness vs weight loss

Losing Weight with Heart Disease

So you have heart disease or you may be at risk of heart disease. Losing weight with heart disease is important. Your doctor said you have to lose weight. Absolutely this is important, and we have seen many successful people lose weight with heart disease. However there is a reason we are not a “weight loss” clinic. Weight loss is important and it will come. But our priority is to first get you healthy. Heart Fitness is more important than losing weight!

Heart Fitness is more important than losing weight states the latest research. Yes those who are in a “healthy” body mass index (<25) yet unfit are at substantial increased risk vs those who are in a “unhealthy” body mass index (>25) but are fit. It becomes more about managing your weight and improving your cardiovascular fitness especially after a heart problem  more than anything else. As I always state. Exercise is medicine so make sure you take your daily dose.

A study of 15,000 men published in Circulation, a journal of the American Heart Association, found that maintaining or improving fitness levels was associated with a lower risk of dying, even if bodyweight increased or remained the same.  Researchers also found that increased levels of activity, measured over a period of six years, was associated with a 19% lower risk of heart and circulatory disease.  

I know you may be struggling with your weight but start with your heart! Get active on a daily basis. The weight loss will come with exercise, nutrition and stress management but don’t let that be your focus.

To your success,

Diamond Fernandes

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