Glutathione Testimonials:

Glutathione testimonials are for heart disease and diabetes. There is a big difference from taking glutathione through IV and taking it as a supplement where it enhances glutathione production. The reason why there are so many glutathione testimonials is because of the research behind Dr. Keller and Dr. Nagasawa. Injecting glutathione inside your body is not the answer to increase glutathione levels because your body makes it naturally. Feel free to read glutathione testimonials and please fill form below if your are interested to get supplements. Please understand that the glutathione testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration and that These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is a recommended component to your overall heart health.

Glutathione Testimonials for Chest Pain

 Carvel – I am 66 years old. Using the glutathione supplement has changed my life. Yes, I have reentered life! I experienced a significant benefit within 2 hours of using this product.  I feel better now than I have in many years. Here is my story. I was in near perfect health, so I believed, through my late 50’s.  Then I was assaulted by serious mental and physical health challenges. I had been an outdoor enthusiast. I ran my first marathon at age 47.  I ran at least one marathon a year for 10 consecutive years. I did a lot of mountain biking and backpacking into the backcountry. Also, I snow skied –— never at a high skill level, but I had the energy and strength to do it. All that great outdoor stuff stopped when I became ill.  I stopped exercising and gained 75 pounds. For several years I was not living life —- I was merely surviving from one day to the next. I was diagnosed with severe depression and an anxiety disorder.  Every day for at least 5 years, I had pains in my chest; some days it was only at an uncomfortable level, but most days the pain was excruciating. I was committing many thinking errors. It adversely affected every area of my life, including financial, spiritual, and social.  Nothing seemed to deliver relief. I was hospitalized 3 times. I sought help from several different medical doctors. Many different pharmaceutical medicines were prescribed and used. Still no relief. I tried several alternative approaches to my health problems, including acupuncture, hypnosis and chiropractic. Nothing worked. I spent a week with a holistic practitioner in Mexico. It didn’t help. Many well intended people gave me advice – what to do – what to eat – what to drink – what to swallow, etc. Nothing worked. I decided to take an early retirement.  I retired from my career in 2003. Life was still very hard. Then I decided to move from Utah to Hawaii. I made the move early November, 2006.  I believe that helped, but I was still hurting. I woke up every morning with turmoil in my chest. I can best describe it by reporting that it felt like cats inside my chest clawing. Sometime late December, 2006, I learned about glutathione supplement. I began using it mid-January, 2007. This is what happened. Within an hour or two after I first took the supplement, I felt softening of the anxiety in my chest. The pain went away, and has not returned. It is an absolute miracle. But the softening of the anxiety per se, is not the most miraculous part of my experience.  Not only was my anxiety going down, but my energy was increasing. Never before had I taken anything, good or bad, that increased my energy and also reduced the anxiety. Usually when my energy increased, my anxiety cranked up. So, my first two noticeable benefits were my anxiety reduced and my energy went up.


Glutathione Testimonials for HEART


Dan, Arizona – I am in my late 30’s and have heart and lung problems. The first thing I noticed was I could breathe deep without sharp pain in my chest. Other things too. Sleeping better, and it seems like lots of my pains from old injuries are gone. I am now in my third month and plan to continue to improve. Life is fun again.


Michael Unclebach, Sherman, TX – During the summer of 2007 I was training to run a marathon in the fall, when I underwent what I call the “bad day”. After being rushed to the hospital with symptoms of an irregular heart beat I ended up in the cath lab where a heart cauterization procedure was performed. Turned out I didn’t have a heart attack, I had an irregular heartbeat and ended up with a pacemaker. After two days in the hospital I went home to recover. After two weeks of rest I was released to return to physical activity such as running so I called a buddy and we went out for a my post pacemaker run. After just a couple hundred yards I knew something was wrong. My right leg just wouldn’t work, I was literally dragging. So I went back to the hospital where I was diagnosed with having a blood clot from the heart cath procedure. After several rounds of blood thinners and no relief, a second procedure was performed to try to reopen my right leg. When that didn’t work I went to see a vascular surgeon who diagnosed an allergic reaction to the plug device that was used to seal the original heart cath procedure. It took two weeks to get to the vascular surgeon to clean out my artery and restore proper blood flow to my right leg. I went for two weeks with extremely diminished blood flow to my right leg, causing severe damage. As my doctor put it “your right leg has just undergone a stroke.” I was sent home to rehab my damaged leg. My first workout consisted of a three minute walk with a limp. After three months of rehabbing my right leg I was up to an 11 minute walk/jog with a limp. I was pretty discouraged. Then I got a phone call from Rick who called and talked to me about Glutathione. I guess he was moved by my story and sent me a one month supply of product. After just ten days I ran for 20 minutes, after 30 days I ran for 30 minutes, after six weeks I ran for over an hour. Believe me, I had tried everything and nothing seemed to work! Glutathione gave me my leg back. thanks Dr. Keller. With great appreciation . . .


David Brent, Chino Valley, Arizona – I experienced a heart attack prior to starting on Glutathione. I was having a hard time with my recovery and having been taking a substantial amount of medication. After being on for a few months, I had an overall checkup by my doctor. It was a funny day when I went in for my follow-up on the tests. My doctor kept looking at the test results and saying “wow, this is really good” then a few minutes later he would do it again, and again. He was stunned at the change in my health. Since taking the Supplement, my dependence on the medication has dropped substantially. I have more energy to work my day job plus two side businesses, and never poop out! My moods are better (according to my wife) and I am more relaxed in social situations. What an impact it has made on me!


Serge, Age 46 Back in 2005, I suffered a heart attack, three weeks before my 44th birthday; I remember  thinking, “What’s going on? I’m too young for this!” But it did happen. Since then, I was plagued with chronic fatigue, heart palpitation, headaches and more. I started taking the glutathione supplement last spring and after 3 days of taking it my palpitation had ceased. Then one week later my fatigue was gone and so were my headaches. But one thing I did not expect. Since I was very young, I chewed my fingernails (I was always a nervous child) and one day, after about 3 months on the glutathione supplement, I started to notice fingernails growing for the first time in 40 years. My stress levels had gone down so gradually that I did not notice that I did not chew my nails in a few days, and have not had the urge to chew my nails since then. I’ve also noticed my E.D. as a result of my heart attack had also been  Corrected. My sleep patterns have also been much better, as well as my mental focus.


Gllutathione Testimonials for DIABETES


Gary & Sally Newton – “I have Fibromyalgia, Osteo Arthritis, Diabetes and Degenerative Disc disease. Most of my issues have been passed down from my parents. From the 3rd day of starting the Glutathione I noticed an increase in energy. After a week my pain level had dropped significantly. I was noticing my hands being more flexible and my knees hurting less. I have been able to increase my daily walk from a mile to over 3 miles in the 3 1/2 weeks since I started. I have so much more energy and my spirit and moods are GREAT! This has been wonderful for me to feel this good again. It has been 20 years since I have had the energy and joy I have now. With my pain level reduced I feel like smiling all day and have been able to reduce 2 med’s for my pain and stiffness and 1 med for my Diabetes. I notice that I can think more clearly and I feel 20 years younger. I had bunion surgery on my foot just before I started the Glutathione. This was the 2nd time I have had the surgery. My recuperation time was cut in half. I was back in shoes is 3 weeks and it was 2 months before I could wear a regular shoes the first time. Amazing! * My husband is a contractor and has used his body hard for 45 years. He has been on the Glutathione for the same amount of time as me. He calls them his “happy” pill. He has had much less pain in his hands and knees since he started . The main thing he noticed is that he used to be in bed by 8 at nite and sleep thru the nite till 7 AM. Now he is able to stay up later and wake us refreshed earlier in the day. The stamina he has received during the day has been amazing. He used to come home at noon and have to take pain med’s and a nap during lunch. He now plays with the Grandkids and takes no pain meds. Some of the side effects of his Diabetes medicines have been reduced as well since he started taking supplement. He loves the good feelings and never misses a dose. We are truly living younger and stronger with the Glutathione. We feel as we continue to take it we will be able to reduce our Med’s even more. Thank you for giving us our joy and health back!”


Dave, Glendale, Arizona – I am a type one diabetic, having suffered from the disease for decades. My treatment cycle required at least 4 insulin injections a day. I began taking Glutathione at the end of May 2008. By the end of June my insulin requirements had dropped to one shot a day and by mid to end July I was able to discontinue regular injections. Only a diabetic can understand how life changing this is. My energy level has increased dramatically. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and I don’t hurt like I used to. I am dedicated to Glutathione

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