Happy Valentines Day. It’s your heart! Take care of it, love it.

Happy Valentines Day! Take care of your heart.

Yes it is Valentines day. Which is the reason why it is heart month. It is an important time to give your heart and help others but please dont forget your heart. You only have one heart. Take care of it. Love it because it is your only one.
Many times we focus on taking care of others, whether it be at work, family, or loved ones. And this is important but not at the expense of yourself. Neglecting your heart health is the #1 reason for heart attacks and strokes. Please take this time of the year to focus on your heart health. If you are not healthy how can you take care of others. Neglecting our health is easy to do, but it is also easy not to do. Just having healthy snacks, get out and walk, or take some deep breaths every hours is easy to do.
Take today to show your appreciation to others and also take a moment to show appreciation to yourself. Jot down one thing today how you will make a difference for your heart health. One disciplined action yields multiple rewards.
Have a Happy Valentines Day.

Diamond Fernandes

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