HDL drugs for heart health

HDL Raising Drugs 


A new class of drugs are emerging for targeting low HDL cholesterol. Statins have been commonly prescribed for lowering LDL cholesterol but now they are making room for HDL raising drugs. HDL is the good cholesterol in your blood stream and if you have poor LDL cholesterol you may have been prescribed a statin. The concern is that statins do a great job at lowering LDL cholesterol however do not have any effect on HDL cholesterol. At this years Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, The latest research is under way to present next year the benefits of bringing a HDL raising drug to market.

Dal Plaque 2 study by Roche is being released next year and we will see if this will the next chain of HDL lowering drugs. They are using carotid intima media thickness and ivus imaging to track the results. Yes Carotid IMT is a good surrogate end point for trials. My personal concern is that if people have poor cholesterol profile start to reverse heart disease with intense lifestyle change may be more beneficial than any drug. Never have I seen, nor can I foresee, a drug competing against aggressive lifestyle changes. Yes medications are important to treat heart disease but sometimes it is not the only answer. I have seen many people lower cholesterol, reverse heart disease focusing on nutrition, exercise and stress management. It is just sometimes easy to just take a pill. What is easy to do is also easy not to do. Medications have their place but the fact is that many people just taking medication after heart disease thinking this is going to prolong their life are solely mistaken. Exercise has been proven to help decrease mortality and morbidity after heart disease.

Find your why power and start your cardiac rehabilitation program today.

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Diamond Fernandes

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