Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack while eating at the Heart Attack Grill

True news and headline in yesterday’s paper. Well let’s put it this way, I am NOT surprised. If you are heading for a heart attack you can stop it but not by going to a place that calls itself the Heart Attack Grill. This place has skimpy nurses as waitresses and call their clients patients. They put a patient robe on them and “patients” order a single, double, or triple bypass burger signifying the number of patties.

Many people who have heart attacks are then motivated to make a change to their heart health. Unfortunately, I see people who fall off track, which is normal, but again you can stop this heart attack. Heart disease is frightening and for this person, who I understand is recovering well, I hope this is enough to start to turn his life around.

You can check out the story here

In the meantime, keep up the good focus.

Diamond Fernandes

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