Heart disease exercise

Heart Disease Exercise

Heart disease exercise is exercise in which you are able to warm up, get into your target intensity level and then cool down. Whether you think you are the most unfit person or the most fit you will benefit from this type of exercise for your heart health.

Heart Disease Exercise Types

The 3 types of exercises any person with heart disease can do to reverse heart disease

1. Impact heart disease exercise: Impact heart disease exercise is exactly that. It is where your body is impacting the surface to continue with that exercise. When you commence your cardiac wellness program they may start you off with impact aerobic exercises. Some examples of impact heart disease exercise can be walking, hiking, jogging, or stair climbing. These types of exercises are good for most people after their heart disease exercise program as you don’t need much equipment to do it. The benefits of impact exercises are that they remodel the bone therefore can increase bone density while receiving the benefits for your heart. The concerns with impact aerobic exercises are that if you have muscle or joint concerns where you are unable to walk, jog, or hike. This is where you may benefit from low impact or non-impact exercises.

2. Low impact or non-impact heart disease exercise: These exercises are exercises in which your body does not get as impacted. Some good examples of low impact or non-impact exercises are biking, elliptical trainers, arm trainers, and swimming. These exercises are great for people with muscle or joint concerns in which walking or jogging is difficult. If you are apprehensive about starting your heart disease exercise program low impact exercises are a great addition. The benefits of lower impact or non-impact exercises are that it puts less stress on your joints.

3. Alternative heart disease exercise: Now in the event you are unable to perform aerobic exercises in any of the above two forms; impact or non-impact exercises (which are most common in heart disease exercise programs), you can perform alternative heart disease exercises. There is always something you can do to help your heart. DON’T give up! Some great examples of alternative exercises are tai chi or yoga. The great thing is that you can achieve some aerobic benefits from doing tai chi or yoga, this has been well documented in the research. I have had patients in which they were unable to do any form of aerobic exercises in their heart disease exercise program due to muscle ailments, and have benefited tremendously from such alternative exercises.

Heart Disease Exercise Program

No matter what your situation try to keep your routine of your heart disease exercise program. I always think it is really important to try different exercises. This is important so you can train different muscle groups and achieve really great overall benefits from aerobic exercise. As always discuss your plan with your heart disease exercise expert.

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