How Long Will A Heart Stent Last

A heart stent is a metal mesh that gets inserted in your arteries. Heart stent surgery is a very common procedure after a heart attack or to relieve symptoms of heart disease. Heart stent is done by an interventional cardiologist, so it is considered a form of heart surgery. Obviously there is always a risk when there is surgery but the risk is minimal and as always the benefits of a heart stent should out weigh the risks. Below is an image of a heart stent, here you can see how there is a catheter inserted with an actual heart stent on there. This procedure is called a Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty with Heart Stent (PTCA-stent).  Heart Stent

How Long Will a Heart Stent Last?

How long will a heart stent last? It is really up to you. I have seen a heart stent last a very little time and I have seen them last a really long time, more than 14 years. It really depends on your anatomy and more importantly what you do after a heart stent. Unfortunately, it is a foreign object that goes into your artery and I have seen them close up more than I have seen them last.
External Counterpulsation Therapy may be a good option if your heart stent closes up vs going in to do the same thing.


Starting an exercise program is vital after a heart stent. The common mistake is that patients think this a heart stent is a cure. Heart stents are not a cure and more often than not patients end up back in the emergency room with recurrent heart problems due to closing up of a heart stent. It could be that patients end up thinking everything is ok so they revert back to or lead an unhealthy lifestyle. It could also mean something has happened to cause another inflammatory response, therefore plugging the arteries in the heart. At the end of the day a heart stent is a foreign object inside your arteries. It has shown some great research however sometimes doctors have been putting heart stents where it is not really necessary. Make sure you read our Special FREE Report “The Must Know Secrets About Heart Stents”.  Heart Stent Special Report

How Long Will A Heart Stent Last

Heart Stent versus Exercise?


I always end up talking about a study done by a group of Germany cardiologist. They studied people who have angina with exercise. They placed them into 2 groups one group had heart stents the other focused on exercise. After one year, men in the exercise-training group had an 88 percent event-free survival rate compared with 70 percent in the stent angioplasty group. Of course we want to know why, well there are a few reasons why this is. The heart is a muscle and yes the most important but it can be trained and conditioned to excel like other muscles in our body. Next, the blockage of a coronary artery is not just a simple mechanical problem, but is the result of a complex series of events including inflammation, clotting, and immune responses. Next is that heart stents only addresses one short segment of the coronary blood vessels, while exercise impacts the function of all the blood vessels. Starting an exercise program is so important. We can help you with this. If you are not near one of our clinics, start off with our free steps to prevent and reverse heart disease. Be sure to get your FREE of our  Special Report “The Must Know Secrets About Heart Stents”.