Heart Tests on the Other Side of the World

Heart Tested on the Other Side of the World

Cardiologists are now able to log on to their computers and are  ready to receive and review cardiac images from patients they themselves would never lay eyes on.  This is a  project going on inside India. A handful of echocardiographers were able to travel to India and obtain images to be uploaded to a cloud for cardiologists to view on the otherside of the world. The scans were uploaded from Sirsa to a secure “cloud,” then downloaded and read by volunteers around the globe.

It is great that great doctors are now able to view images from anywhere. Just having the ability to obtain good images from echocardiographers is important. This program in India is a funded program. It would be nice to have this program even accessible in remote parts of Canada as well as I know specialists are at a premium.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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