Higher Vitamin D Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

Higher Vitamin D Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

The New England Medical Centre presented their findings at this years American Diabetes Association. Higher levels of vitamin D in the blood appear to be associated with a reduced risk of incident diabetes among people with high risk for the disease. If you have high risk factors to diabetes then Vitamin D can help.

How it works is that Vitamin D helps with insulin secretion and insulin senstivity. Therefore, it helps the relsease and control of insulin to process sugar. 

“This is an observational study and therefore confounding cannot be excluded—it would be premature to recommend vitamin D specifically for prevention of diabetes.” Says Dr. Pittas leader of the study. He goes on to state that there is a relationship between Vitamin D and Diabetes risk,

You healhtcare team should at least focus on maintaining vitamin-D levels in high-risk individuals at or around 20 ng/mL.

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