How Long Will My Heart Stent Last

How Long Will My Heart Stent Last?

How long will my heart stent last? This is a common question that I get and I answer this question in this video.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Heart stents are a great invention. However, as the stent is a foreign object (not native to the body), it can cause an immune response. This may cause scar tissue to rapidly grow over the stent. In addition, there is a strong tendency for clots to form at the site where the stent damages the arterial wall. This is why it is important to have blood thinners to prevent these clots from forming.

Yes these stents are foreign objects and in my opinion should only be used if you are having an acute event. Stenting patients to just open up arteries will not prolong life. I believe that there that there are too many people getting unnecessary stents. If you are limited by angina and you have tried medical therapy and lifestyle intervention then this might be your option. So it becomes important to ensure that you start off with heart medications and start to live a heart healthy lifestyle. So, how long will your heart stent last? Living a heart healthy lifestyle will truly see your stent last the longest.

You can take a look at this study to show lifestyle vs stent published in the Circulation journal.

As always we are here to answer any questions that you may have about heart supplements to help you prevent and reverse heart disease.

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