How to Lower C Reactive Protein hs

How to Lower HS C-Reactive Protein.

HS C-Reactive protein is produced in the liver and is increased when there is inflammation in the body. So if there is inflammation at a arterial level what can we do to reverse inflammation.

Many healthcare professionals first line of treatment may be a statin drug. This is fine however this is not my first line of recommended treatment as there are some natural ways to lower inflammation in your body as well.


  1. Pollution and smoking. We all know the effects of smoking on our bodies. Pollution can have this effect as well. Beware of those pollutants.
  2. Exercise. If you have inflammation in your arteries then the best thing to do is do the best anti-inflammatory thing, which is exercise. Exercise has many benefits and also lower inflammation in your body. This can be as simple as 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity daily.
  3. Vegetables and fruits. These food groups help lower inflammation in your body. We know the benefits of vegetables and fruits therefore this should be the foundation of your diet.
  4. No Processed foods or sugar.  Processed foods and sugar cause inflammation in your body. Simple solution is to stay away from these inflammatory foods.
  5. Supplements. You may want to consider some herbs such as tumeric or ginger. L-Arginine supplement can decrease the oxidation (breakdown) of LDL particles.


So here are my quick suggestions on how to lower HS C-Reactive protein. If you have high Hs C- Reactive protein you have inflammation in your arteries. When you hear the word anti-inflammatory this will be your friend.


To your heart health success.

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