How to prepare for your Doctors Visit

Doctor Visit Preperation and Check List

I really enjoyed Doctor Oz’s interview in success magazine. Dr. Oz is one of my mentors and one day I hope our paths can connect.
Heart disease is the number one cause of death, yet it is preventable. There are some essential things to prepare for before you go see your doctors regarding your concern. You are 100% responsible for your heart health. Not your doctors, not your spouse, not even your family. It is all you. I have seen it many times where patients leave their health in others hands and the result = poor health. You have to change your mindset and take charge of your health. Be proactive.

Doctor dictionary meaning comes from the latin word meaning teacher. So use your doctor to teach you.

#1 Doctors are there to teach you about your condition. So it would be a good idea to learn. Listen to what he/she has to say and take this information to learn about your condition. Bring a note pad, your phone or whatever device and take notes, tape the conversation so you can go back and listen. IF your doctor is uncomfortable with this then find another doctor. Interesting stat: when doctors tell their patients something they forget 50% of the conversation before they even leave the office.

#2 Don’t be arrogant but do ask lots of questions, be a little pushy (Its your health). Have a clear agenda, with your questions written out. Now of course you cannot go in with a novel but use your doctor wisely and have a mutual respect. Get to the bottom of what it is you are there for. Ensure all is done or being done in the form of tests or interventions. If you have symptoms of heart disease (or any disease it just happens to be a heart health blog) then get them addressed ensuring proper tests and follow up intereventions.

#3 Understand your symptoms or cause of the problem. So if you are going in with past chest pain, describe what you were doing, what you ate, can you reproduce the pain. Be in tune with your body so that your doctor can help you. The more you understand what is going on with your body the better your doctor can help you.

#4 If you are having some type of procedure done to you. It does not hurt to get a second opinion. I think because not so many of us ask for a second opinion the stats are a little scewed. However, with that said a second opinion will change your diagnosis or therapy 1 in 3 times. Yes you may hurt this precious covenent with your doctors, but it is your body and every patient afterwards will benefit from this.

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