How to raise HDL cholesterol

How to Raise HDL Cholesterol

You may have heart disease or you may be at risk of heart disease. Your cholesterol is abnormal so your doctor puts you on a statin, a cholesterol lowering medication. These medications are good at lowering LDL cholesterol but not your HDL cholesterol. How to raise HDL cholesterol is important and doctors know this. What first comes to mind is how we can do this through medical therapeutic treatment. The AIM-HIGH study analyzed whether raising HDL through the combination statin and niacin therapy would reduce the risk of having a heart attack in people with established heart disease. But the therapy showed no benefit and the study was brought to an abrupt halt more than a year before the anticipated end date.

There is no solid data to show that raising the HDL number does anything in these trials. We do not have a qualitative test to measure HDL function so we are stuck with a simple number that does not reflect functionality. In simple terms, there is no test to measure how well your HDL cholesterol works. Yet we know that raising, HDL cholesterol is good for heart health.
So, how to raise HDL cholesterol? Well to raise HDL cholesterol you can have red wine, however I like to promote aerobic exercise. If you truly wonder how to improve your overall heart health and raise HDL cholesterol then this is your ticket. Get moving well and you will increase HDL cholesterol.

Basically what I am saying is according to the AIM HIGH study, niacin in combination with simvastatin does not have any positive effect. There is another trial coming out the HPS2 THRIVE trial that will see if Niacin has a foot to stand on. My thoughts are if your doctor wants to improve cholesterol profile, make sure they discuss the importance of actually reducing inflammatory response. There are all these targets out there to lower LDL levels, however how to raise HDL cholesterol levels do not have a specific target because there is no drug out there to do this yet. Focus on inflammation get this low with possible medications, and really focusing on exercise , heart health nutrition and stress management. I know this sounds like hard work but keep the focus.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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