Is a stent the way to go?

Is a Stent the Way to GO?

Heart disease is frightening and yes medical intervention can help after a heart attack. But what if you are stable (what is stable? meaning no angina, probably a big debate within the community) ?

A new analysis of eight trials states that putting a stent in someone with stable coronary artery disease does not lower the risk of death, nor does a stent reduce to risk of nonfatal heart attacks vs medical therapy alone. Based on this data the researchers support that stable coronary artery disease patients should be treated with medical therapy vs going right into surgery with a stent.

I know that this can be hard to believe. Conventional thinking may think that opening up the artery is a good thing. Well if medical therapy is a better option for stable patients imagine the type of benefit that occurs when you really get into the nuts and bolts of a full lifestyle intervention.

I keep on telling you the benefits of exercise. It is in my opinion part of “medical therapy” yet no studies want to implement this aspect of it although we know the benefits. A strong heart health diet is important. What we put in our mouths can have an anti-inflammatory effect on our arteries. Your body is amazing at healing itself when provided with the right tools. We know that natural bypasses occur in our body.

Above all we have to set the right mind set. Starting with cardiologists who truly believe that patients heart health can get better. I know it is a business but caring about the patients heart health and talking about the importance of lifestyle intervention will prolong patient’s lives. Yes I know time is of the essence. But it only takes one minute to nail down the key message.

Cardiac rehabilitation is important. Understand your full heart health profile and truly implementing the changes to prevent and reverse heart disease.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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