Is you Heart Rate a Predictor for Sudden Death?

Some of our patients were concerned about this article from the New England Journal of Medicine and I thought we would address it.

The article states: The risk of sudden heart attack was increased in subjects with a resting heart rate that was more than 75 beats per minute.
Also it is increased if your exercising heart rate was less than 89 beats per minute. and in subjects with a decrease in HR of less than 25 beats per minute after an exercise test.
HR profile during exercise and recovery is a predictor of suddent death.

This study was done on subjects who have had no clinical cardiovascular disease. So this does not apply to patients who have had a heart attack and may be on medications that will lower their heart rates at rest and exercise.

Now if you have a low resting heart rate it is putting less demand on your heart at rest. Likewise if you  are exercising and your heart rate recovers well then this is a good sign of fitness.
I think it is important to understand that this was done on subjects with no heart disease yet. If you feel you fall into these parameters then it is important to address all your risk factors to heart disease along with obtaining a carotid IMT test
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