The Vital Three Steps to Achieve Life Goals

The Vital Three Steps to Achieve Life Goals for Heart Health

In order to achieve the heart health success that you desire it is important to establish your life goals. There are three important steps to understand to ensure that you can achieve the life goals that you desire. Many times people desire things but don’t have a great path and end up back where they started.

Here are your Vital 3 Steps in Achieving your Life Goals

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1. Measure your life goals. An important step is to know when you actually achieve your life goals. For example if your life goals are to eat healthy, a measurable way of knowing that would be to eat more vegetables. Quantifying the amount of vegetables would allow you to know if you are measuring up to your life health goals. So a great life goals would be to: Eat 5 vegetables a day.


2. Risky Life Goals.  The best change happens when you get uncomfortable. When you are uncomfortable, you stretch your emotional set point to then the desire to achieve your life goals. If you are not used to eating well you will be stretching yourself to have your essential vegetables daily.


3. Limitation to Life Goals: It is very important in setting life goals that you have a limitation to it. Set a time frame to achieve your life goals. For example it would be eating  5 fruits and vegetables a day consistently for 3 months.


As you can see it is very important to have a road map for success. If you are vague and not able to measure what you want to achieve you will keep on getting what you have always got. In terms of preventing or reversing heart disease it becomes so important to set a road-map for success. Many times people avoid this step and vague intention but that does not lead to success.


Find your big why for Life goals:


Your life goals should be something you want to have, a desire you want to achieve. More importantly you should feel great about achieving your life goals. If you don’t have your heart into it you are not going to achieve your life goals. the big thing is really finding out your big why for doing what you are doing. If it is to avoid the emergency room that becomes your big why and how you do it is with establishing your life goals.


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