Why do Majority of Heart Attacks Occur?

Why do the Majority of Heart Attacks and Strokes Occur with Blockages That are Less Than 50%.

I know this sounds a little off what we normally think but our arteries are very unique. They are a muscle not a pipe. Many people think that cholesterol clogs our arteries and we end up with a heart attack or stroke as a result. Just like the pipes that clog our drains. We then call the plumber and they clear our pipes. Because our arteries are a muscle and not a metal pipe, artery blockages can occur with the build up of plaque or cholesterol, but the truth is that when it comes to heart attacks this happens very little of the time.

The majority of heart attack and strokes occur with blockages that are less than 50%.

Imagine you have a pimple on your face. Now imagine this pimple inside your artery blocking your artery lets say only 40%.
There is a skin that grows over this pimple and we have all experienced when a pimple “pops”. Yes it is gross. It pusses and bleed. Well now lets imagine this happening inside an artery. Your artery is flowing well one day with a small blockage and all of a sudden this blockage (like a pimple) breaks off and you end up having a heart attack with NO WARNING SIGN.

Check out this video I recorded:

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