Meditation for Reversing and Preventing Heart Disease

Relaxation techniques such as meditation will improve stress levels as it relates to heart disease. Not only will it help you reduce and reverse heart disease it will lower stress levels, anxiety, depression and lower your blood pressure and heart rates. Meditation is free of side effects when practiced under a qualified teacher and within the larger eight-limbed system of yoga. It is widely believed that meditation is an important lifestyle tool of traditional
medicine that can be immensely beneficial when incorporated into a current modern system of medicine.


Mindfulness meditation is reported to lower symptoms of depression, anxiety, and general distress by respectively 43%, 37%, 35%, and
significantly reduce blood pressure (Rosenzweig et al, 2004).

Cardiac yoga and meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure and control their heart rates. If you have heart disease or you are at risk then yoga will compliment very well with your exercise rehabilitation program along with your heart healthy nutrition program.

The benefits of medication on heart disease as well as on mental, emotional, and physical well-being, explain why so many people currently practice – and are turning to meditation.


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