Don’t Neglect


In my career I have seen so many people with heart disease and who are trying to avoid a heart attack. The best heart attack is the one that never happens. We know this is the best one, but sometimes it happens anyway. 95% of the people around us are trying to push us to negative behaviours, be it friends, family or marketing. Every year, every quarter, every month, and every day we have to sit down and reassess where things are at. If we truly want to reverse heart disease it takes effort. It is like building a big company, buidling for retirement, buidling a house… it is small steps thats makes the big goals. Trust me it is worth it and I see it so much it is the reason we do what we do.

Ask yourself these questions daily and be honest with yourself.

Every Year:
Set your reason. Ask your why? Why do you want to reverse heart disease. Don’t just say I want to be healthy. Give yourself a reason. Eg. I want to play with my kids on the street after work daily.
Write down your goals?

Every Quarter:
Ask yourself what worked? If you are trying to lose weight you or reverse heart disease, maybe joining a gym or seeing the Heart Fit Clinic was working for you.
Ask yourself what didn’t work? Going out with your colleagues every friday after work made me want to start up smoking.
Ask yourself what could you have done differently? sometimes we just get lazy and start to follow someone elses advise. That is why you have to set your why.
Every Month:
Ask yourself, Are you where you want to be?
Are you on the right track?
It takes a little slip to get off track. NO worries it is easy to get back on track. Just got to FOCUS.

Review your goal and your reason why.

I love to hear your success stories.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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