Polypill to prevent Heart Attacks

Polypill to Prevent Heart Attacks

The results of a randomized trial in London did manage to have large reductions in blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Of course, blood pressure and cholesterol are risk factor to heart disease.

The Polypill is a three pill tablet that contains three blood pressure lowering medications and a statin for lowering cholesterol. This pill was given to people with no cardiovascular disease and over 50.

polypill heart disease

heart attack prevention polypill

The studied showed a 12% reduction in blood pressure and a 39% in LDL cholesterol. So of course this would result in a reduction in heart attacks and strokes, specifically a 28% reduction.

Yes that is a lot of heart attack and strokes avoided. But it still means taking a pill and to be honest there is no magic pill.

Yes I have said this a lot of times, I would love to see what happened if there was some type of lifestyle intervention involved; such as exercising, eating well with healthy supplements or some great stress management intervention.

The majority of people in this world are looking for quick fixes and there is really no such pill that can do that. Yes it is important to keep your blood pressure controlled, yes it is important to keep inflammation down and it will help you chances of reducing cardiovascular events. But a pill is not the answer.

My thought on a polypill from a prevention standpoint is a false sense of security to possibly mismanage our lifestyle choices. This will allow patients to possibly think they are secure when they may be still heading for a heart attack or stroke. Lifestyle choices are your answer and yes it is work but you get no where in life making easy choices. Work = Success better still planned work = success.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes


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