Predicting your Risk of a Heart Attack

Problems Visiting your Family Doctor for Prevention

Reverse Heart Disease, Prevent a Heart Attack

Visiting your doctor and understanding your risk of a heart attack is not enough. With a meta-analysis of 18 studies confirms that differences in risk-factor burdens in middle age translate into significant differences in lifetime cardiovascular disease risk. Doctors using a tool called Famingham is not enough. This is a 10 year calculation risk of a heart attack or stroke. The problem is that it will underestimate a risk of heart disease. It is based on blood pressure, cholesterol levels, smoking and diabetes.

The risk in people in their 40s or 50s with one or two risk factors such as hypertension or high cholesterol ramps up sharply over their lifetime. Therefore there is a disconnect between short term risk information calculated and what is known with Framingham. Heart disease is an inflammatory disease and can happen for many reasons. Many times the first sign of a heart attack is death. Timely screening and education are important.

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