Reversing Heart Disease with Resilience

Reversing Heart Disease with 10 Steps to Resilience

I keep telling everyone that heart disease is frightening. If you have been diagnosed with some form of heart disease you now have a choice, a choice to be resilient or defeated. You may have heart disease but heart disease will never have you.

There is always going to be someone worse than you and someone better than you. Here are the keys to bouncing back.

  1. There are going to be peaks and valleys in your mood. The idea is to capitalise on your highs. There is going to be a little voice in your head pushing you down. You have to give yourself that pep talk.
  2. Taking control. You have to focus on what you have control over. You may not have control over your arterial disease, but you do have control on how you manage it. Set your goals.
  3. Find a team. Resist the urge to isolate yourself. Surround yourself and educate yourself with a good team. It could even mean finding a support group or an online forum.
  4. Show some gratitude. I know this may be difficult but count your blessings. Find 3 things at the beginning or end of the day in which you are thankful for.
  5. Keep a journal and keep track of your thoughts and progress.
  6. Think about your character’s greatest strengths.
  7. Find things you love to do. It could be some hobbies or favorite pastime.
  8. Stop saying “why me?” and start asking “Why not me? How am I going to handle this?”
  9. Keep your mind occupied. Don’t make time to feel sorry about yourself. Helping others is a great way to boost your resilience.
  10. Forgive, Accept and Adapt. It is easy to get angry and bitter. The best thing you can do to have resilience is to make the decision to forgive and then have the willingness to reinvent yourself.

Keep up the great focus.

To your heart health success,
Diamond Fernandes

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