Reversing Heart Disease

Reversing Heart Disease

Happy New Year! I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish nothing but success with their heart health. I get this question a lot. Can we reverse Heart Disease?

YES you can. Remember walking into a grocery store is like walking into your pharmacy, getting your daily exercise is like taking your daily medications and having good stress coping strategies (yoga, meditation, and breathe awareness) is like exercise for your mind. Three simple practices that will bring amazing heart health.

Now with the new year here, we are gearing up to make or resume our heart healthy lifestyle. Reversing heart disease does not happen overnight. You cannot think about the past, whether it be good or bad. Focus on today and make a plan for tomorrow. You cannot reverse time, so lets not worry about what we did last week, last month or last year. Too many times I see people let the past haunt them. A very good article I read the other day talked about “failure”. We all have FAILURES in our life. But if we start to change the word FAILURE to PREPARATION it will change our mindset. Failure is nothing but preperation to meet your ultimate goals.
Lets think about this. A failed exercise program or nutrition program is nothing but preperation to meet your goal of heart health. I say keep on failing and you will eventually see success.

New Year resolutions are great to refocus on our goals and dreams. Don’t worry about failing. Just keep on failing which means keep on trying and this will prepare you for ultimate success.

I would like to wish everyone an amazing 2012, I hope all your dreams and goals come true.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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