Shovelling Snow After a Heart Attack

Yes, we just came form a big snow fall. Be careful though. is possible but it does requires a lot of preparation.

First lets go over the reason why people have heart attacks while shoveling snow.

1. Poor conditioning
2. They have heart disease (they just don’t know it yet) That is why it is important to do a
carotid IMT to understand your risk of heart disease and stroke
3. They jumped out in the cold weather. This constricts the blood vessels and can cause clots.
4. They did not warm up. Again pushing big loads of snow with a constricted blood vessel
5. Lastly they are pushing large loads of snow which can cause contractions to your muscles which then clamps the blood vessels.

All a recipe for disaster.
If you want to shovel snow you can just do the opposite of what I said above.
1. get fit
2. Get timely screenings
3. Dress warm
4. Warm up
5. Start resistance training, or don’t push big loads of snow.

There are two ways to be successful. Watch someone who is failing and do the opposite or watch someone who is successful and follow them to your goal.

Take a look at this video link for more information.

to your success,


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