Skipping Breakfast can lead to poor Heart health

Skipping Breakfast is not good for your Heart Health

Yes we know this may be obvious. But it will affect your heart health. Heart disease is the number one cause of death it is preventable and even reversible. Skipping breakfast does not help your heart. In a lecture at CACR (Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitaton) this year, kelloggs sponsored breakfast talks about skipping breakfast leads to increased weight, increased waist girth, and of course poor glycemic control.

Having a quick breakfasts and/or even skipping breakfast can lead to a decrease in folate and other essential vitamins such as calcium, magnisium, potassium and of course decreased fiber.
Yes fibre is important and we all hear about it, but having whole grains is not always high in fiber.

Have nutrient dense foods that are high in fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Establish a routine for breakfast, make it a part of your heart health. Even if you find yourself rushing you can prepare the night before.

Skipping has no benefits on your heart health and yes you may save time skipping breakfast but the time saved can be lost elsewhere in your heart health. “Small disciplines yield multiple returns” (Jim Rohn).

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Diamond Fernandes

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