How to lower small LDL particles

How to lower Small LDL Particles

Many people who have been told they high cholesterol have been told that they have high LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is considered the bad cholesterol, however, not all bad cholesterol is bad. Because you may have high LDL cholesterol does not mean that you should go right away on a cholesterol lowering drug. And just because you have normal cholesterol does not mean that you are out of the woods in terms of your risk of heart disease. Over 50 % of people with normal cholesterol end up with cardiovascular disease.

There is a good portion to your LDL Cholesterol

There is also a bad portion to your LDL Cholesterol

I explain it well in this video.

So the idea is to determine if you have larger fluffy LDL particle cholesterol (like the tennis balls) or small dense LDL cholesterol particles (Golf balls).

If you find out that you have too many golf ball particles (Small LDL particles) how do you lower them?

Here is How You Lower Small LDL Particle Cholesterol

  1.   Exercise. It is simply your magic pill and prevents the small LDL particl cholesterol from being broken down (oxidized)

  2.  Low Carbohydrates. There may be a lot of debate with this but the fact is if food turns to glucose in your body quickly it can turn into fat.

    Sugar is no good.

    Carbohydrates that raise blood sugar quickly are no good.

    Processed food is no good.

    Boxes that tell you that they are health are no good. Even if they are endorsed by some heart health organization.

  3.  Increase Fiber intake.

  4.  Have lots of water.

  5.  Decrease waist girth.  This will happen with #1 and #2.

  6.  Get adequate sleep. As this is where the changes take place.

  7.  Keep stress controlled. Stress increases your blood sugar and this does not help our arteries or LDL cholesterol.

  8.  Fats. Yes fat is good for you. Avocados, Butters (almond, and organic butter),  Omega 3 fats- Found in fish, sardines, nuts, flax seeds (not found in breads), tofu, and soy beans,

  9.  Green Leafy vegetables. Yes mom was right!

  10.  Niacin. Niacin can reduce inflammation and decrease those small LDL particles.

There are a variety of supplements and herbs out there one that may be considered to lower inflammation. We have seen L-Arginine do this as well as Strauss Herb Supplements (using a combination of Garlic, Hawthorne, Mistletoe, Motherwort, Cayenne, Bilberry, and White Willow). The big goal is to lower inflammation to prevent these small LDL particles from being broken down and causing plaque burden.

The best thing to do is to test and measure to see what you are doing is working. As you start to live heart healthy, you will start to lower inflammation in your body and start to lower those small LDL particle cholesterols.

To your heart health success,


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