Soda Heart Risk

A Soda a Day Will NOT Keep Heart Disease Risk Away!


Sugar drinks are linked to an increased risk of coronary artery disease which also includes negative effects on cholesterol profile, increases inflammatory factors according to a Health Professional Follow up Study. A soda a day increases coronary heart disease risk by 20%.  

Just a small amount of sugar a day increases our heart disease risk. I know the lulu-lemon saying that soda will be the new alcohol, well it may be true. Yes, I know alcohol has some heart health benefits, but we know my thoughts on this. Pop, soda, soft drinks , whatever we call it has a 100% negative effect on our heart health. There is nothing good that can come from drinking it. It can lead to diabetes, increased waist girth, and increased triglycerides.  

Well what about artificially sweetened beverages such as diet sodas. The researchers in this latest study did not find an increased risk of coronary heart disease with artificially sweetened in this analysis. With that said, diet soda has been show to be associated with weight gain and metabolic diseases in previous studies. Dr. Hu talks about that the problem with diet soda is its high-intensity sweetened taste may condition people’s taste. Of course more research is required with this.  

So what are we left with. Fruit juices fall into this high sugar category. We know there is some moderate heart benefits with 1 glass of alcohol a day BUT a serious adverse effect once we abuse this drink a day. The best thing to drink is water, and teas. Doctors should be advising their patients who have heart disease or who are at risk of heart disease to cut down on sugar-beverages. It is a no-brainer, just like smoking and exercise. The research is out there and it makes sense.  

To your heart health success,
Diamond Fernandes

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