Are you looking for a top professional speaker for your events, keynote, or training programs?

Are you looking for a dynamic, motivational, high-energy speaker, who shares the keys to optimal heart health? The Heart Fit Clinic has the expertise to reverse and prevent a heart attack or stroke.

In today’s difficult economic times, people are skimping on health care, eating less healthy, and slowly experiencing a decline of their health. The truth of the matter is that you can end up improving your heart health, but you need the knowledge to do so. Keep your heart health at its highest level. Our Heart Experts will show you how at any of these seminars on health!

Diamond Fernandes possesses close to 14 years experience in heart disease health. His passion and dedication to reversing and preventing heart disease is evident which results in an exceptional presentation. Whether Diamond Fernandes is talking to a medical, corporate or general community you will have a take home message on heart disease prevention or rehabilitation.

Diamond was fantastic. We loved him. Very informative and entertaining.
We wished we had more time with him. We would definitely recommend him.
He went above and beyond-meeting us before to clarify a few things and totally accommodating. All the best in your endeavors-and the best of heart health to you!” – Mary ann Termeer, Calgary

How to choose your next speaker?

  • Choose your Topic. Are you interested in heart health prevention or rehabilitation?
  • Choose your speaker. Does the person have the necessary background and experience to connect to your audience?
  • Make your decision. Interview your speaker and make sure they will be a right fit for your organization.
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