Statins in Healthy Patients

Statins in Healthy Patients?

Long term use of statins, cholesterol lowering drugs, is unsure especially in apparently healthy patients. What is apprently healthy. Well if someone comes into the doctors office with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight or smoking they may be at risk yet they do not have diagnosed heart disease. It is quite often then we may know the patients risk. However, there is a time and place for recommendations of medications.  I say give the patient a chance to make a change. If they do not respond then yes medications may be an option.

I just recently commented on Dr. Seth Bilazaria’s blog regarding the debate that took place regarding my last post with prescribing statins.

Here is what I commented on:

I really love the debate formats too, especially in the cardiology meetings. I cannot believe in the same breath you are saying that we all know the benefits of exercise and diet yet you require a randomized control trials. Let’s think about  this for a second. We are talking about apparently healthy individuals who may be at risk and asking them to take a statin.
Using carotid IMT to track disease process has been successful yet who in their right mind is going to fund a study with diet and exercise vs a billiion dollar drug industry.

We know the benefits of lifestyle modification and we know the effects that take place on a biological level towards atherosclerosis yet getting out the precription pad seems to be many doctors course of action. Take some time with patients, learn about them and you will see them adopt healthy changes when you have the “serious” discussion that they may be heading for a heart attack or stroke.

Doctors have a power to maek a difference in their patients lives. Taking out a precription pad for apparently healthy individuals with no diagnosed heart disease is not always the answer.
Cardiac rehabilitation programs and heart attack and stroke prevention clinics are the answer, not always drugs. Give the patients a choice, because no drug is free of side effects.

It is your heart. Love it and take care of it.

To your success,

Diamond Fernandes

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