Stress and Heart Disease

Stress and Heart Disease

Stress and heart disease, well we know there is a link. This year at CACR we talked about the lack of strong support for stress management. Heart disease can be managed with a good combination of a heart healthy diet, exercise and stress management. But in a study presented it does talk about how stress management can show marked improvements in heart health vs exercise. Now imagine combining all three.

Some quick stats:
1. Unmarried, or no life partner shows is worse for your heart health vs no partner.
2. Pet ownership (showing love towards your pet) have a reduced risk of heart disease.
3. If depressed, three times more likely to die of heart disease.
4. A study with heart patients, show when patients are performing difficult mental tasks this increases ischemia (lack of oxygen going to heart).

Keep your heart health in check by focusing on good stress management techniques. It is not just focusing on one aspect of health. I have seen many people thinking that exercise allows them to eat poorly or people who meditate regularly does not allow them to neglect exercise. To truly reverse this disease process it is combining all three and this is where you will see the success as we see it all the time.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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