Sugar and Cholesterol

Sugar and Cholesterol

Sugar and Cholesterol Video

Sugar Versus Cholesterol; What Is The Cause Of Heart Disease?


There has been lots of research in the last few years talking about how increased  sugar is the cause of diabetes and heart disease. As a society the media really clouds our judgment, and we think that cholesterol is our enemy.


Dietary Cholesterol is NOT your enemy.


Cholesterol is a vital component and is used for building blocks for cell membranes, maintaining healthy cells, an aid to digestion, and in the manufacture of sexual hormones. So is dietary cholesterol the cause of cardiovascular disease? Well, I will let you formulate this answer.
Over 50% of heart attacks occur with people with normal cholesterol. So is cholesterol the cause of cardiovascular disease? It is inflammation. We have known this for years and sugar and cholesterol have been going head to head for years.
Our focus has been all wrong and I think we are just in the infant stages of changing this. Sugar causes inflammation, cholesterol does not cause inflammation. Let’s explain. When you have an inflammatory response (cut) inside your arteries, cholesterol comes to the rescue and fixes the problem. How does the inflammatory response get worse? Cholesterol gets broken down (oxidized) and gets used up in a negative way that contributes to the build up of plaque.



So Sugar and Cholesterol go head to head.



What is the cause of heart disease? When you eat sugar which comes in many forms it can cause inflammation. When you eat cholesterol it does not cause inflammation. We are bombarded with advertising and marketing and you truly have to take a step back and decide, what is the purpose? Simple economics!
Statin drugs make Billions of dollars!
Food companies make Millions focusing on Lower Cholesterol.
Statin drugs are great because they lower inflammation however can come with some side effects. You can also lower inflammation with exercise and nutrition. So what should we do? What is your enemy sugar or cholesterol? If anything has to advertise to you about the benefits of the food then my opinion is stay away. Nutrition is one of the best ways to lower inflammation in your body and I never see the “natural products” advertise “lower cholesterol”.



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